Dirk Kokmeyer

Dirk is the founder of Forza, a physical therapist and a veteran. He has over 23 years of experience, is a nationally recognized speaker, and has published several peer-reviewed scientific papers. He has worked with athletes from USSA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and a variety of Olympic, collegiate and high school sports.

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The Ultimate Guide to Exercise: ASCM Guidelines for a Healthier You

This blog discusses the American College of Sports Medicine's (ACSM) exercise guidelines, emphasizing the importance of exercise for health. It covers various exercise types, the FIT formula, progression, and safety, concluding by emphasizing consistency and enjoyment in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


Dirk Kokmeyer

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Is This Place For You

FORZA Physical Therapy treats a diverse clientele, from professional athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts. They define an athlete broadly as anyone working towards physical goals, offering rehabilitation to help clients achieve their best physical state.


Dirk Kokmeyer

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